Crockett - The Fearsome Frontiersman
Element Water


Summoned to the Wildlands while frantically defending the Alamo from Mexican troops, Crockett often wonders what became of his beloved Texas, because the last thing he remembers from that fateful day is yanking his knife from its sheath, having realised he was surrounded and plum outta ammo.

No. Element Rarity Max Lv. Set
Water ★★★★★★ Intrepid Explorers
Physical Elemental HP Armor
Base unknown unknown unknown Light
Leader Skill: Greater Physical Boost
+10% physical attack to all warriors.
Special Move: Switch Strike
(Level 1)
Target specific members of opposing teams!
How to Obtain
Additional Information & Notes
Year: 1836 AD
Fighting Facts:
With no time to reload, Davy Crockett is said to have died defending the Alamo with just a small knife and the butt of his trusty musket

Stats By Level Edit

Level Physical Elemental HP
11 70 7 259
22 148 16 545
27 207 23 765
34 333 37 1228