PERFECT Frozen Crunch

Zengis using Frozen Crunch on Wurmslime.

Frozen Crunch is a Water type elemental move in World of Warriors.


When this move is used, the warrior ejects a frozen beam of ice at the enemy, then slashes it, causing it to shatter.

Strategical Information

Two perfect strikes are needed to score a heavy hit, but is not always necessary, as a 'Great' will score heavy damage too.

  • The first part of this move needs the player to line the cursor on the perfect ( or great point )
  • The player then needs to time the circle part just right so they get a great or perfect.

This move is a great weakness against Fire Warriors.


List of Warriors that posses this ability:

  • Zengis - The Mongol Warrior

List of Skull Guards and midbosses with Frozen Crunch:


Frozen Crunch Logo

The logo for Frozen Crunch.

Frozen Crunch

The first part, the sword.

GREAT Frozen Crunch

The second part,the circle.