Manawa The Maori Warrior



Ability: Water Boost lv 2

Leader skill: Boost water damage by 30%

Light Armor

At lv 31 Physical attack: 186 Elemental attack: 124 Health: 872

Year: 1560 AD


Performing a new haka alongside fellow raiders, Manawa was inches away from an enemy warrior's face when he was unceremoniously head-butted. Waking up in a burning war canoe filled with dead bodies he wondered if his haka had invoked the wrong gods when he suddenly was summoned to the Wildlands.

Fighting Facts:

Some Maori warriors ate enemies killed in battle, and prisoners often had their legs broken to prevent escape before being consumed. Mmm!

Unlike most elemental boosters Manwa's boost uses the tap a lot really fast skill instead of the push the 1, 2, 3 ,4 circles in order fast enough skill game to determine the effectiveness.