Otto - The Teutonic Knight
Element Air


Feared for his ruthless efficiency, Otto has not spoken a word in years. Maybe that's because he is still in shock having been summoned to the Wildlands seconds before a bunch of Prussian pagans were about to make his tongue into a belt while he was out spreading the word.

No. Element Rarity Max Lv. Set
Air ★★ First Among Equals
Physical Elemental HP Armor
Base unknown unknown unknown Medium
Leader Skill: Earth Guard
Team receives 15% less Earth damage
Special Move: Soul Steal
(Level 1)
Attack enemy while restoring your own health!
How to Obtain
Temple of Fortune
Additional Information & Notes
Year: 1195 AD
Fighting Facts:
During 1242's Battle of the ice, Teutonic Knights retreated across frozen Lake Peipus but their heavy armor caused the ice to break and many drowned.

Stats By Level Edit

Level Physical Elemental HP
10 41 4 252