Consumables are items that can be used in fights to turn the tides of battle in your favour.


Boosters increase the effectiveness of your next action by up to 50%. Additionally they ensure your next action has a minimum effectiveness of 100%. A booster automatically ensure 100% effectivness, with the outcome of the skill game determining how much more damage is dealt, between 0-50%.

For example a Toki player uses a booster and goes for a regular attack, scoring 100% on the sword strike skill game. This makes his attack deal 150% damage (100% for booster + 50% for skill game bonus).

This can apply to any action, for example it's possible to heal a team mate with 150% effectiveness.

Talisman actions and leader skills do stack ontop of this bonus, so it's possible to exceed the usual maximum of 150% when using a booster if your skill and talisman setup is effective.

However, Boosters themselves do not stack, so you cannot use multiple boosters for one attack.

Mana PotionsEdit

A Mana Potion will automatically grant you an additional 3 chunks of mana. Two mana potions can be used in a row if desired, and a player can use a mana potion followed by a booster potion to boost the effectiveness of a special move if they wish.

XP-Potions Edit

You can craft XP-Potions if you find the recipe. The XP-Potion immediately gives your warrior XP. There are 7 types of XP-Potions:

Potion Name Experience            Materials Drop Location               Comments
XP-Potion (up to Level 5) +22 1 Purewater, 1 Watermelon ?
XP-Potion (up to Level 10) +45 1 Watermelon, 1 Almnut Darkfort Deep (region 6) 5-1
XP-Potion (up to Level 16) +109 1 Almnut, 1 Mistwood Midnight Forest (region 8)
XP-Potion (up to Level 22) +280 1 Mistwood, 1 Toadthrone Black Gauntlet (region 12)
XP-Potion (up to Level 28) +719 1 Toadthrone, 1 Skull Rune ?
XP-Potion (up to Level 34) 1 Skull Rune, 1 Etherwine ?
XP-Potion (up to Level 40) 2 ETHERWINE ?