This are the prizes that you can win from various activities. Edit


Tower of TrialsEdit

Also known as the Global/Battle League Leaderboard. How well you do in the Tower of Trials (points accumulated) determines your rank on the Global Leaderboard and in you Battle League. Prizes here vary from week to week, but they are always the most coveted prizes. See the prize history.


There are currently 21 achievements:

  • Venomous touch-Defeat the last member of enemy team using poison. Reward-5 honor stones
  • Whirlwind warrior-Win and KO 2 or more enemies using a single move. Reward-5 honor stones
  • Tough guy-Win a battle with 2 or more surviving members. Reward-5 honor stones
  • Classy victory-
  • Opposites attract
  • Top-notch warrior
  • Mana hoarder
  • Close call
  • Collector
  • Tower master
  • Portal hunter
  • Conquered the tower!
  • Fire squad
  • Water squad
  • Earth squad
  • Air squad
  • Legendary warrior
  • On my honor invite
  • Get the blues
  • Upgrade master
  • A hero's journey

Daily RewardsEdit

Everyday you login, you have a chance of getting a random reward. Includes Tokens, Wildstones, Honor Stones and even potions. (Requires Internet)