The Tower of Trials is an arena where players battle against other Warriors (as opposed to Minions) for prizes.

The Tower of Trials requires Scrolls (Multi-player energy) to participate in, as well as a Gold Coin entrance fee. There are 5 floors in the Tower of Trials.

As the player progresses up the Tower, the amount of Gold they earn increases. If they quit the Tower, the take their current stake but if they lose then all of their Gold Coins are lost.

It is highly suggested to use talismans at around the last two fights (including the last floor) as the ai teams that the player will be versing towards the end, will be increasingly difficult.

Some Crafting materials can only be found in the Tower of Trials. Certain rare materials can only be found at the very top floor.

Battle Leagues / LeaderboardsEdit

Every 2 weeks, a new Battle League begins. For 2 weeks, players compete against all other players in the world, as well as a pre-selected group of 20 people for prizes.

Points are accumulated for each win in the Tower of Trials, however points are only won if a match is won. If a player loses, then they lose all points earned in their run in the Multi-Player tower.

When the league is over, players in the top 3 positions of their Battle League as well as globally receive prizes. Prizes can consist of Wildstones, Friendstones, Gold Coin as well as rare Talismans and Warriors.

Once a league is over, players are re-distributed into new leagues with players being assigned to groups of players that managed to accumulate a similar amount of points as they did in the previous league.

If a Battle League is currently in progress when joining the game, then a player must wait for the next league to begin before being able to participate.