If a player summons the same warrior, they can fuse the soul of the Battle Twin into any Warriors and they currently own to give them an XP boost to a warrior, an XP potion (based to its rating) and a skill boost which boost its warrior skill when consumed.

Common Battle Twin: 2 green gems

Rare Battle Twin: 5 green gems, 2 skill-boost potions

Super Rare Battle Twin: 15 green gems, 3 skill-boost potions

Legendary Battle Twin: Coming Soon

Green Door - Western DoorEdit

The Western Door is somehow aligned with the ancient calendar and will only open at certain times. No one knows for sure what's to be found there once the stars are right.

Recently opened, the western door allows the player a chance to receive one of eight warriors that change every season. It costs 100 newly introduced green gems which can be either bought or obtained through boosting warriors by sacrifice. The rarity of the western door warriors are Super Rare or Legendary.