World of Warriors

Hey everyone!

So, how do you like the new look? I see that Worlds of Warriors launched on the iOS platform mid November, 2015. Exciting, right? Im Pinkachu and I am a staff member of Wikia, Inc in the gaming department and I try to hang out with mobile crowd as much as I can. I see that there are a few editors here but we could certainly use more help! There are so many features on a wikia but not everyone who comes here, know about them or where to find them. Many can only be toggled on or off by Admins so if you dont see a feature that you were expecting to find, please ask your Admin about it. If you ARE an Admin and you are not sure how to do something, then please contact us at Community Central and we can help you out. Your wikia has a chat room, messaging wall, a built in forum (if it's turned on) and if there is at least a few viable catagories filled out and the right page filled in (Admin), you can even access the wiki via the Wikia Games Guide app available for the iOS and Andriod. Pretty cool, I think. 

Thanks for stopping by and checking it out! Anyone can become an editor. While it is not required to register and create a user account, we highly recommend it since many features are only accessable to registered users. Thanks for being a fan of the World of Warriors Wiki!