Hey I'm Zengis I am a fan of world of warriors and I would want to have more people enjoy this awesome game.

I started playing on Feb 2015, After I saw my friends play it I just couldn't resist starting. I am not very good at the game but it is still fun, and the reason why my name is Zengis is: Zengis was my first warrior I got (apart from Kalaban) and starts with a Z which is the first letter of real name. I love the honor doors for some reason, it gives me so many warriors like today i got Gunnar. before that i got Shaka, Leon, Blaine, Brutus, Zengis, Osgood, Clovis and Zazan. From the doors of epics Boris, Malik (waste), Hannibal (half waste) and Crixus. I recently watched the Dev Diary and it was awesome! The best part is that Carlotte Wooley The warrior expert also likes Zengis!
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#The Coolest Person Ever