1.3.0 was released for Android on 2014-12-11 and on iOS on 2014-12-16.


  • 32 new Warriors and Kringle [These are NOT all available immediately]
  • 9 new Warriors Available, See them here.
  • New specials
  • New talismans
  • Improvements to battle twin rewards
  • Skill boosts
  • Optimizations (especially in the Warrior picker)
  • Lots of bug fixes


  • Tower is a LOT harder now.

The reasoning behind this was that the tower didn't require much thought and you could place practically any 3 warriors with an assortment of talismans and clear it out. Now with the improved tower, you have to stop and think about the strategy. You have to see who you're up against, look at their talismans, and make a strategic decision on who you are going to pick.

  • It's quite possible to lose on the first floor of the tower. Take care in choosing your line up.

Battle TwinsEdit

  • Skill & Experience boost.

You receive a small experience boost. As well as a free experience boost and skill boost that you can give to any warrior. Depending on the Battle Twin's rarity, your reward will be different. i.e. better for rarer twins.

Skills RevampEdit

  • Skills now are upgradable

Now whenever you get a battle twin you receive a skill boost. These level up your skills on any hero you want. The difference isn't noticeable, but it really adds up over time.

New SkillsEdit

  • Counter Blow

This skill sets your warrior in a 'ready' stance. When your opponent performs a REGULAR attack. Your hero will take little damage and strike back effectively preforming a free attack. If your opponent uses a skill, your counter blow is then wasted.

  • Bombard

This skill attacks an enemy for a sizable amount of damage. The catch is it only hits two turns after you've used it. (you use skill, enemy attacks, you attack, enemy attacks, you attack, bombard!)

  • Poison Dart

This skill allows you to poison any member of the opposing team.

  • Surprise

This skill randomly selects a skill (of same element) and you then use that skill for the rest of the battle.

New TalismanEdit

  • Assassin

Gives a random hero health after Knocking Out an opponent.

  • Break

Reduces opponents damage every time your hero takes some.

  • Crossfire

Regular attacks hit all opponents.

  • Justice

Poisons enemy when your hero dies.

  • Poison

Poisons last 1 extra turn.

  • Promotion

Activates leader skill anywhere.

  • Revenge

Greater attack power as the last hero standing.


World of Warriors - v1.3

World of Warriors - v1.3.0 Update Trailer