There are a total of 70 warriors: 1 Seasonal, 22 Legendary, 16 Super Rare, 17 Rare, and 14 Common.
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Hero Rarity Alignment Armor Set
Abu - The Mamluk Warrior Slave ★/Common Fire Medium Caste Warr
Agoolik - The Inuit Warrior ★★★★★★/Legendary Water Medium Rugged Survivors
Aka - The Zande Warrior ★★/Rare Earth Light Tribal Warriors
Akbar - The Mughal Warrior
Amadok - The Thracian Warrior‎ ★★/Rare Earth Heavy Clan Warriors
Amina - The Zazzau Warrior Queen
Ardo - The Vicious Visigoth ★★/Rare Water
Attila - The Hun Warlord ★★★★/Super Rare Water Heavy Barbarian Invaders
Badda - The Persian Immortal ★★★★★★/Legendary Earth Medium Elites
Benkei - The Sohei Warrior Monk ★★★★★★/Legendary
Bibi - The Sikh Warrior Girl ★★★★★★/Legendary Air Light Reluctant Warriors
Blaine - The Gaelic Kern ★/Common Earth Heavy Raiders
Boris - The Kievan Knight ★★/Rare Fire Heavy Legend Creators
Boudica - The Iceni Warrior Queen ★★★★/Super Rare Fire Medium Rebels
Breth - The Pict Warrior ★★★★/Super Rare Water Medium Clan Warriors
Brutus - The Roman Soldier ★/Common Fire Heavy Empire Founders
Cham - The Aztec Coyote ★★★★★★/Legendary
Clovis - The Frankish Warrior ★/Common Water Medium Warriors By Code
Crixus - The Roman Gladiator ★★/Rare Air Heavy Crowd Pleasers
Crockett - The Fearsome Frontiersman ★★★★★★/Legendary Water Light Intrepid Explorers
Dao - The Tran Dynasty Warrior
Doongara - The Australian Aborigine ★★★★★★/Legendary Earth Light Rugged Survivors
Erika - The Viking Shield Maiden ★★★★/Super Rare Air Medium Clan Warriors
Everard - The Norman Warrior ★★/Rare Fire Medium Warriors By Code
Flavia - The Roman Gladiatrix‎ ★★★★/Super Rare Earth Medium Crowd Pleasers
Furio - The Italian Knight ★★★★/Super Rare Air Heavy Last of Their Kind
Gunnar - The Viking Raider ★/Common Earth Heavy Frightening Fiends
Hannibal - The Carthaginian General‎‎ ★★/Rare Air Heavy Seafaring Warriors
Hector - The Trojan Warrior ★★★★★★/Legendary Fire Heavy City State Warriors
Helios - The Macedonian Warrior ★★★★★★/Legendary Air Medium Empire Founders
Hua - The Ming Spy
Huneric - The Vandal King ★★★★★★/Legendary Fire Heavy Barbarian Invaders
Ironhart - The Lancastrian Knight ★★★★/Super Rare Earth Medium Warriors By Code
Isak - The Nubian Hunter‎‎ ★★★★/Super Rare Fire Light Mercenaries
Ivan - The Rus Bogatyr ★★/Rare Fire Medium Questing Adventurers
Jin - The Ming Warrior ★★/Rare Earth Medium Empire Founders
Joan - The Warrior Maid ★★★★★★/Legendary Water Medium Questing Adventurers
Kasim - The Ottoman Warrior ★★★★/Super Rare Water Medium Elites
Kazumi - The Samurai Maiden ★★★★/Super Rare Water Medium Reluctant Warriors
Kendrix - The Celtic Warrior ★/Common Air Medium Legend Creators
Khutulun - The Mongol Princess
Kibi - The Dani Chief
Kofi - The Benin Warrior ★★★★★★/Legendary Water Heavy Wealthy Warriors
Kuro - The Midnight Ninja ★★★★★★/Legendary Air Light Caste Warriors
Kwan - The Hwarang Warrior ★★★★/Super Rare Water Heavy Elites
Lance - The Knight Templar ★★/Rare Earth Heavy Wealthy Warriors
Le Roc - The Knight Hospitaller ★/Common Air Heavy Warrior Monks
Leon - The Brawling Gaul ★★/Rare Water Medium Clan Warriors
Makito - The Ruthless Ronin ★★★★★★/Legendary Air Medium Last of Their Kind
Malik - The Umayyad Warrior ★★/Rare Water Light Legend Creators
Maximus - The Praetorian Guard ★★★★★★/Legendary Air Medium Elites
McCabe - The Gallowglass Mercenary
Mohinder - The Rajput Warrior ★★★★/Super Rare Fire Heavy Caste Warriors
Mungo - The Celtic Berserker ★★★★★★/Legendary Water Light Frightening Fiends
Naro - The Siamese Warrior‎‎‎ ★★/Rare Fire Medium Royal Warriors
Orenda - The Mohawk Warrior
Osgood - The Saxon Destroyer ★/Common Earth Medium Caste Warriors
Otto - The Teutonic Knight ★★/Rare Air Medium First Among Equals
Pelion - The Spartan Warrior ★★★★/Super Rare Fire Light City State Warriors
Ping - The Tang Dynasty Princess ★★★★★★/Legendary Air Medium Royal Warriors
Ram - The Egyptian Warrior ★/Common Water Light First Protectors
Ravi - The Mauryan Warrior ★★★★/Super Rare Earth Light Empire Founders
Rodrigo - The Castilian Warrior ★★★★★★/Legendary Earth Heavy Questing Adventurers
Sakuma - The Lone Samurai ★/Common Air Heavy Warriors By Code
Sama - The Minoan Warrior
Seni - The Meroitic Warrior
Shaka - The Zulu Warrior‎‎‎ ★★/Rare Earth Light Last of Their Kind
Simo - The Gokturk General
Soaring Eagle - The Apache Scout ★★★★/Super Rare Earth Light Tribal Warriors
Spurius - The Etruscan Warrior ★★★★★★/Legendary Earth Medium Crowd Pleasers
Tarhu - The Hittite Warrior ★★/Rare Earth Light First Protectors
Ten Bears - The Comanche Warrior
Tiberius - The Roman Imperator ★★★★★★/Legendary Fire Heavy Wealthy Warriors
Titu - The Inca Warrior‎‎‎ ★★/Rare Fire Light Wealthy Warriors
Toki - The Viking Warrior ★/Common Air Light Intrepid Explorers
Unk - The Stone Age Savage ★★★★/Super Rare Fire Light Tribal Warriors
Utu - The Sumerian Warrior ★★★★★★/Legendary Air Medium First Protectors
Viriathus - The Lusitanian Commander ★★★★★★/Legendary Air
Vlad - The Wallachian Count ★★★★★★/Legendary Fire Medium Frightening Fiends
Volten - The Byzantine Warrior ★★★★/Super Rare Fire Heavy Seafaring Warriors
Wallace - The Scottish Highlander‎ ★★★★★★/Legendary Water Medium Rebels
Wang - The Han Warrior ★/Rare Earth Medium Grunts
Wu - The Shaolin Monk ★★★★★★/Legendary Air Light Warrior Monks
Wulf - The Harii Brute ★★★★★★/Legendary Earth Medium Sneaky Warriors
Ying - The Song Dynasty Warrior‎‎ ★★/Rare Fire Heavy Genius Inventors
Zazan - The Assyrian Warrior ★/Common Fire Medium Genius Inventors
Zengis - The Mongol Warrior ★/Common Water Medium Frightening Fiends
Zuma - The Jaguar Warrior ★★★★★★/Legendary Fire Light Last of Their Kind

Seasonal WarriorsEdit

This warrior is only available for a limited time (usually holidays) and leaves after he's done his job.

Hero Rarity Alignment Armor Available
Kringle - The Festive Fighter‎ ★★★★★★/Seasonal Water Light Dec 20, 2014 - Jan 6, 2015

Newest WarriorsEdit

These warriors were made available in the month of February.

Hero Rarity Alignment Armor Set
Alohi - The Koa Warrior ★★★★/Super Rare Water Medium Intrepid Explorers

Latest AnnouncedEdit