Navigation around the World of Warriors is done via the World Map Hub.

World Map HubEdit

Example world map

Icon Purpose
To Battle Takes the Player to Map Selection, PVP, Tower Trial, and Portal of the Day.
Shop Takes the player to the shop, where they can purchase Wildstones, Honor Stones, Gold, Potions and Talismans.
Records Takes the player to the Hall of Records, where the player can view Warrior Collection, Leaderboards and Inventory.


Takes the player to Epic Deeds, where players can complete achievements to unlock cool bonuses.
Treasure Takes the player to the Treasure Box where the player can claim their daily rewards and view messages.
Temple Takes the player to the Temple where new Warriors, Items, Consumables Materials, and Gold can be summoned.
Home Camp Takes the player to the Home Camp where Warriors can be trained or upgraded.
Foundry Takes the player to the Foundry where Craft Tailsmans and Potions, Equip/Use Items or view the Inventory.

HUD and CurrenciesEdit

Example HUD

There are 5 main currencies in World of Warriors. Reading from left-to-right:

Name Description Image
Battle Brew

Used to compete in the Tower of Trials.

Recharges at the rate of one per 3 hours.


Single player energy.

Used to enter quests in the World and Portals.

Recharges at the rate of one every five minutes.

(since patch 1.2.0)

Honor Stones

Social Currency.

Can be used at the Eastern door at Temple of Fortune to summon new items and Warriors, or can be spent to refill all Meat reserves.

Found in random loot drops, and can be sent and received every day by connecting to Facebook.


Premium Currency.

Can also be used to:

  • Refill all Scrolls
  • Refill all Meat
  • To summon rare items and Warriors.
  • Take a second chance during a battle (Need 2)
  • Speed up training times (According the Time Training)
  • Level-up Warriors when they are not yet ready to train.
  • Purchase Gold Coin
  • Purchase Honor Stones
  • Purchase Consumables
  • Reskill a Warrior
  • Purchase an additional Training Slot
Gold Coin

Soft Currency. Used for:

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