World of Warriors
World of Warriors
Developer(s) Mind Candy
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Release date(s) November 11th, 2014
Genre(s) Strategy
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Welcome to the World of Warriors! Journey across the Wildlands and amass an army of history’s greatest warriors, from Romans and Vikings to Knights and Samurai. Battle the mighty Skull Army and defeat evil King Boneshaker and his menacing bosses in this epic co

mbat and adventure strategy game!


  • Stunningly beautiful 3D graphics
  • Collect materials and craft powerful Talismans
  • Train and evolve your Warriors
  • Daily and weekly events
  • Download on the App Store

Warriors blends fighting and RPG gameplay in a pick-up-and-play experience built to appeal to all gamers. Featuring an ever-expanding array of the greatest warriors in history, from Ninjas and Aztecs to Knights and Vikings, World of Warriors takes players on an epic journey across the vast Wildlands. Every warrior comes with their own incredible backstory, special moves and historical facts. There's heart-pounding battle, elemental-based strategy, a rich crafting system and a chance to compete with players across the globe in truly stunning environments.

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